What is Mautic?

Mautic is a cloud agnostic open marketing automation that allows companies to host in any data center, and any virtual private server or shared hosting. A unique feature in Mautic is data sovereignty. Using Mautic as an open marketing software will increase data portability in your organization. You are no longer locked-in with a single vendor with the freedom to migrate data between different host providers to ensure you get the best deal.

Being with Mautic doesn’t mean organisations will simply choose Mautic Cloud as a hosting provider. In fact, companies that values decentralisation and data sovereignty will go with self-hosting by buying direct from the IaaS vendors (infrastructure as a service). While others will host their Mautic instances on European Clouds for GDPR compliance and data protection reasons.

As an agency providing Mautic and custom web development services, we are proud to be part of the Open Source Community. We want every agency and SMBs who work with us to grow in revenue and sales prospects.

Mautic Marketing Automation

Mautic UI & Features

Mautic has an open source code base on GitHub Repository. It’s easy to setup. All you need to do is go through three step installation process for a manual install. You can also approach vendors who sell a single node Mautic server or an all-in-one Mautic server  bundled with SuiteCRM integration.

Need tracking on your WordPress, no problem. We can install Mautic tracking on your WP instance to make sure you won’t miss out a chance to reach out to visitors on your website.

Once you have your site connected to a Mautic instance, you will have access to behavioral analytics showing you the geo-locations of your audience.

When it comes to social media integration, Mautic has social monitoring for Twitter – you can automate the tweet responses or retweets to engage with your followers. You can also do twitter post embed on your site using the Mautic-Twitter integration. They have a similar feature for Facebook as well.

Understand your prospects and clients, and build a lasting relationship

This is where Mautic becomes more interesting. Let’s walk you through how Mautic drives engagement and nurture relationships. Each time new visitors come to your site, they are associated with an IP address and perhaps, a simple data point showing their geo-locations. They browse through several pages on your site, and eventually ended up on a landing page with a CTA form.

Your CTA form collected a few pieces of info from the new visitors such as name and email address. By prompting the visitors submit their contact information, you can now add them to a specific campaign, for instance a weekly announcement to send them tailored emails. You can also create campaigns to post on social media, send SMS to your contacts, or generate other actions based on user interactions.

Mautic Lead Scoring

Gradually as you nurture your contacts using different campaign mediums, they will become an engaged contact – or better yet, prospects who understand your brand offerings. Mautic has the capability to do all the record-keeping for lead scoring. We can help you create conditions to award contacts based on how they interacted with your campaigns.  Using the points system, it will give you an idea of how to rank your leads based on their likelihood to buy and which ones are hot. We can also program Mautic with a smart points system, so once your contacts earn the required threshold, they are automatically moved to your CRM database or another system. These leads will be recorded as the highest priority and they can be contacted directly by your sales team.

Mautic CRM Integrations