Mail Train

Best email gateway and cloud hosting for MailTrain

Looking for a simple self-hosted e-blast server? Mailtrain is a single sign-on LDAP mail delivery management system that allows you to schedule emails, create simple newsletter campaigns, and encrypted GPG messages. It also has powerful built-in template editors (Masaico & GrapeJS). To setup MailTrain, it requires a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and an email gateway to facilitate the inner workings in MailTrain.

Mailtrain can be paired with any cloud providers. It is server agnostic with flexibility to host anywhere in the world. We can choose any VPS providers to set up a Mailtrain. Here are some VPS recommendations: Digital Ocean, Ramnode, Linode, Vultr, and V2 Cloud.

It’s also a good idea to hire an IT infrastructure consultant to setup an email gateway that has reputable track records. This will improve email deliverability, so your emails not marked as spam by your clients’ email servers.

Recommended email gateway providers


SendGrid publishes online pricing for contacts up to 100k and emails up to 300k per month. Contact SendGrid sales for custom plans.

SendGrid Pricing


MailJet is an email infrastructure company based in Paris. The company also offers email marketing template gallery & builder, automation, and API integrations to enhance user experience. With real time collaboration tools right at your fingertips, MailJet offers an email builder, subscription form widgets. It’s a reputable EU email gateway provider that is GDPR compliant and provides encrypted tunnels to ensure privacy protection and security of emails in transit.

MailJet Monthly Pricing


MailJet Discounted Annual Pricing


AmazonSES offers around 10 cents per 1000 emails a month on demand. Businesses can stop sending emails at anytime and they will not be billed.

amazon pricing


The starter plan has dynamic AMP emails, custom webhooks, spam trap monitoring, email health score alerts, and technical support. Since SparkPost is a reputable provider, at a $30 price point, it is loaded with features helpful for businesses to setup their email gateway.

Moving up one level, the premier plan costs $75 a month with inbound email webhooks, dedicated email IPs, automated IP warmup, and prioritized support. This plan designed for businesses looking to send emails in high volume.

If your company is looking for an enterprise grade email server, you can get a custom plan designed with 99.99% SLA uptime and burst time guarantee.

iRedMail (Self-hosted option) :

End-users are completely responsible for their own email gateways and sending reputation. It’s feasible to setup iRedMail, but requires your company to have established reputation on mail server and capability to setup its your own dedicated servers.

Cost Analysis for each cloud providers

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is known for having well-documented resources, so users can provision a droplet (VPS) in any listed regions. Here’s a breakdown on Digital Ocean’s monthly cost. For users who looking for an on-demand server provisioned for less than one month, they  can consider the per hour rates.

Digital Ocean Prices



Ramnode provides smaller instances for lower prices.


Linode has been neck and neck with Digital Ocean. It competes directly with Digital Ocean with almost identical pricing, memory, and storage capacity.

Digital Ocean High Memory VPS Pricing:

Digital Ocean has extra security protection layers configured with Cloud Firewall and Security Group Infrastructures.

Digital Ocean High Memory Pricing

Linode High Memory Pricing:

Linode High Memory Pricing

  • 120 GB SSD. $60 /mo $0.089/h. 120 GB SSD SSD. 2 vCPU. 8192MB Memory. 10TB Bandwidth.
  • 2 X 120 GB SSD. $120 /mo $0.179/h. 2 X 120 GB SSD SSD. 4 vCPU. 16384MB Memory.
  • 3 X 120 GB SSD. $180 /mo $0.268/h. 3 X 120 GB SSD SSD. 6 vCPU. 24576MB Memory.
  • 4 X 120 GB SSD. $240 /mo $0.357/h. 4 X 120 GB SSD SSD. 8 vCPU. 32768MB Memory.
Vultr offers fewer CPU cores relative to Digital Ocean and Linode for the same tier of RAM, but the performance of each core is above industry benchmark. The price point for Vultr servers are inexpensive ranging from $60 to $240 per month. Vultr is one of the best American VPS providers based in New Jersey.