What’s in it for my profession?

You maybe thinking… Is it a good idea to build your own personal brand? This depends on the nature of your business. What are you trying to achieve by putting your name out there? Are you looking to add value to services with your brand name? If you are a dietitian, a massage therapist, a speech therapist, a fitness instructor, a manicure stylist… any of those professions that makes you an independent practitioner, you can consider making yourself the face of the brand.

How to build a personal brand?

Launching your brand is easier than a traditional brand, because it involves one person to start. As one person, spread your online footprint across multiple channels. Start with blogs on your website. Blogs are resources that your clients refer to when they are doing research about your offering. Once you have at least 20 to 30 blog posts with at least 600+ word count, you are rock-and-roll ready to go.

Social Media is King

The next stage you should focus on is to create social media presence. Are you looking to provide advice in an online community? Quora and Reddit are great forums for business owners to interact with their potential customers. When you are starting out, you can also learn from more seasoned professionals in your industry.

Twitter is good for your personal brand. Establish your twitter profile and start tweeting about your brand offering. Retweet and comment on the tweets that influencers, popular bloggers, fashionistas posted. This way you can engage and invite them to check out your brand. Facebook is a good engagement medium with age 28 and up. If you wanted to market to people who are closer around their 30s and 40s, create at least one Facebook page for your brand.

Other other hand, Instagram is great for age 28 and below. In certain cases, people in early thirties. The UI is slight and young people love it! Perfect for your brand if you are love sharing live videos, photos, and featured stories of the day. Put your url on your Instagram bio and your stories. As your followers grow, you will get more traffic in your website. And if you have connected your brand Facebook account with Instagram, you can also share your stories on Facebook.

Last but not least, everyone knows what YouTube is. Subscribers like to see personalized content. They love individuals! YouTube is perfect for entrepreneurs to promote their business. Formats are flexible! You can show people your day-to-day stuff. Make videos of client testimonials. Do a demo for your services. Do a talk show to discuss topics related to your industry.

The best advice for individuals who aspire to grow their own brands are:

Be who you are.

Be proud of yourself.

Connect with people that you value.

Bring value in what you offer.

Because you are a person, a personality. NOT a faceless business.


If you take all the time to build a corporate brand, you would have earned a lot more money. But money isn’t everything in the world, in business, this is the result that everyone looks at.

If you wanted to find a lifestyle business, consider building a personal brand. The process is easier and you can make good money from speaking, partnerships, consulting, and other services.

But if you wanted to build something big, something that eventually can move on without you, then focus on building a corporate brand.

In an ideal world, you want to leverage personal brands to grow your corporate brand. For example, Kraft Heinz invited Oprah to endorse a new line of comfort foods, called, “O, That’s Good” to grow in popularity. This is a smart move for a lot of B2C companies to make themselves prominent in a crowded market.

Even B2B companies does this. But instead of hiring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, because they don’t need the cash, it’s probably better to have micro influencers in the space.

Notice that when you build a strong corporate brand, it may indirectly help you build a strong personal brand. But it shouldn’t be your main goal as a company as it won’t worth as much if your company is fully reliant on your personal brand.