Your company has decided to take a plunge on Mautic, and your job is to figure out how this automation software works. This is exciting, and you can’t wait to get your hands on. The only thing you’ve ever done so far was strategy planning. In practice, you have never tried using Mautic live with more than 8000 contacts. This is where our Martech Automators can help you.Marketing Startegy

Four years ago, we looked into Mautic as a SaaS alternative and it turns out to be intuitive. As a beginner, Mautic may seem intimidating. You may find the logic very different from the other software like HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign. In addition to programming logic, it takes time to research configurations for email-sending. This is why you might want to consult an email marketing strategist before your first campaign setup. Contact our strategists to plan, build, and execute email campaigns.

Deployment and campaign monitoring are bonus parts that we offer to our clients. By hiring us instead of freelance contractors, you can be assured that the quality is up to standard and our strategists at Ideaggio are accountable for your campaign results.

To ensure quality control, we monitor all action triggers from firing emails to dynamic content on social media. We share key metrics and insights to end-users. This is where marketing intelligence plays a crucial role for your business.