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Effective marketing is not easy to get it right. Marketers have to juggle between creative demands, budget constraints, channel decisions, and developing marketing strategies.

The biggest road block to succeeding, however, is your audience. While it may sound ironic, because audience is your main lead source. It will be to your detriment if you are not targeting the right buying personas. So it’s very important to do market research and figure out proper segment of clients to target. Your campaign promotions and ads would have been long sunk without strategizing how you invest and coordinate marketing efforts. And you might as well not market at all. No matter how much you have invested in copywriting and design, efforts could go in vein with low engagement rates.

Where your target audience vary the most is B2B versus B2C. In some businesses, there are individual buyers , while others are based on an organizational level and buyers are in management level with relatively high purchasing power. At the consumer level, promotions are tailored to individual shoppers.

So you’ve got an idea how to bring products and services to market. Now it’s time to ask yourself how to tap into converting business audience and what prospects are looking for from a value-added stand point. This is where campaign management comes into play. You’ve got to dive into sales funnels and meet with sales to figure out the nuts and bolts of the sales process. This will help you adopt a strategy that will effectively connect with target customers through tailored ads and promotions. Now that we have reached the ideation phase, it’s crucial to follow through campaign implementations.

To test response and engagement, our consultants will guide you through AB testing and highlight the most important metrics we should look out for. We will analyze and examine campaign variants to decide on which of your campaign assets are more appealing and persuasive.

In terms of deployment, while email marketing seems to be straightforward, sometimes it still requires more technical expertise to handle large volume automation. Making sure the logic is bulletproof and no system breakage. So it’s best to let your hands free from the steering wheel and hire a qualified automation experts to carry out campaign auditing and implement automations to make sure everything runs smooth in each stage of the campaign.

Marketing is a tactical art that no one can truly have a cookie cutter recipe. Many businesses face challenges to reach new leads and re-target existing customers. How to spark interest and create an on-going demand. This is something you should talk with a strategist. We will be happy to assist clients on campaign strategy and execution.