Case Study – Corseria LLC

Project: Pitch Video

The Project 

We produced a pitch video for Corseria highlight how Mautic facilitates end-users to discover, pitch, and sell to leads. Our team created videos on Mautic vs. other SaaS to showcase examples of marketing automation.

What the client wanted

To introduce Mautic as an open source alternative to other SaaS providers.

Kelvin Simmens, the CEO of Corseria, said: “We believe it’s very important to tell the stories of the people who are using our services. We wanted their experiences to be part of our presentation, but obviously we couldn’t take them all into the room with us, so the video gave us an opportunity to include their voices.

“I met Alex and found him very easy to get on with, and he very quickly understood what we needed. I knew the finished product would be very professional because I had seen other examples of Ideaggio’s work.”

What we did

We conducted interviews with five people who spoke about their use cases and how Mautic has transformed their business.

Kelvin said: “Alex was excellent at making the people who were being interviewed feel relaxed and at ease.”

The project also required on-location filming at a number of workshops and events to demonstrate software capability and user experience.

Back at our studio, working to a tight deadline we edited all this footage, adding graphics and music to produce a powerful three-minute video which the software reseller is able to use when presenting their work to potential prospects.

The Impact

We were very glad to hear that the video has been used by Corseria and its partners within its presentations and as a result will be able to reach more end-clients for marketing automation.

Kelvin said: “We have been delivering B2B software training for 12 years and it’s really important for us to continue doing that.

“At a time when making the first use case for Mautic as an open source software, it was challenging, the video really helped highlight the impact of work. Written words are great, but to actually see and hear someone expressing how their lives have changed is always going to be more powerful.

“Ideaggio were very professional, flexible and friendly, and handled our subject matter in great detail. We will definitely work with them again.”