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Mautic Installation & Configuration

There are many ways to set up a Mautic instance. We recommend you configure using a virtual private server that are run by CentOS, Ubuntu operating systems.

To install Mautic, access the VPS via SSH (Secure Shell). Be sure to follow the guidelines to create a secure database and firewall. If you are unsure how to get started, refer to our guide. We will give you an overview on how to install and setup the cron jobs inside your Mautic instance. That way, you can launch campaigns, send emails, and connect to webhooks to integrate apps. Read More

Mautic Campaign Workflow & Rules

Each marketing automation platform handles interfaces, logic, and automation differently with visuals, terminology, and interfaces.

There’s a method behind it all, but it’s not always obvious to new automation users. While we think Mautic’s campaign structure is friendly for newbies, there are many ways to reach a specific goal. To effectively deploy campaigns, you might still want to map out the logic and get there as soon as possible. Read More

Mautic Agency Reseller Program

Kick-start your own Cloud SaaS Marketing Agency

The beauty of marketing agencies is relationship building. Your agency brings in industry-specific knowledge, ad campaign and marketing automation deployment strategies to advise your clients how to promote and scale their businesses. As an agency owner, everything will be within your reach and realm of control. Read More

GDPR Protection

How to make your email & website GDPR compliant

Are you marketing to EU consumers, enterprises, and SMBs? Thinking of sending bulk emails to Europeans? Whether you are a business entity established within the EU or outside of Europe, the regulator can enforce GDPR laws under the grounds of your business entity controlling the storage server and processing data or facilitating data processing from European consumers and/or companies. Read More

Bulk Email Graphic

How to make emails CAN-SPAM compliant?

Do you use email marketing to promote products and services? Are you selling to American companies? In America, the CAN-SPAM Act specifies commercial emails can be sent until recipients request to stop receiving further email communication. Once recipients filed an unsubscribe request, marketers should respect and honor the opt-out requests promptly. Read More

Identify hot leads using Mautic contact points

Ever since Mautic’s lead scoring have been debuted, automators are intrigued by how contacts interact with smart content and campaign emails. As MarTech becomes a vital interest for enterprise marketers, we are excited to implement a scoring system to further enhance lead scoring and attribution in Mautic. Read More