Segments in relation to campaign planning

Segments are organizers or folders. You can use segments to categorize leads into different areas you want to market to. (eg: product release and news update.)

In addition, leads can be placed into segments based on which stage they are in during the sales cycle. For instance, a segment can be used as category to create a re-engagement campaign, and send emails to leads.

When you create a segment called re-engagement, this is a list where you can drip emails to your inactive contacts — to get them back into regular subscription list.

This is how a segment can be used as a campaign source.

Segment as a filter

Back in Mautic version 1.4.0, segment used to be called leads lists. Using the drop down menu in Mautic dashboard, you can customize segments.

Similar to queries in SQL database, you can set one or more criteria to filter out contacts. For example, you can use segment filters to scan lists. ie: only for people who are located in the United States and Canada. If you upload contacts to this segment from countries outside of USA and Canada, then those contacts will drop out of the segment.

Keep in mind that the sequence of applying filters is important to consider. Once you filter out contacts, it is not easy to recover and include them into the segment again – unless you know the specific criteria which initially qualified the contacts for the segment.

Four ways to push contacts into/exclude contacts from a segment:

  • Upload list
  • Add/remove contacts through dashboard
  • Campaign action
  • Filter

So, any changes in segments can be dynamic, active, or logical. Depending on how you handled your contact lists. Mautic sets itself apart from other marketing software, because Mautic can exhibit all three traits in the same segment.

Dynamic – Filters configured in segments

Active – By importing a .csv file or manually adding contacts to the segment through the Mautic dashboard.

Logical – Changes in segments list can be driven by logic, adding or removing contacts through campaign actions.





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