General Ideas on Content Marketing

Spa services need a front for their ever-changing audience. And yes, it is not an easy to attract subscribers and draw the viewers into your brand. To engage your readers, you need to think in their perspectives, what day-to-day problems do they have.

Think about professionals who are reading on their laptop screens 24/7. Think about millennial who are always using computers for work. How do they feel after work or school? No doubt that they are all exhausted! And chances are they crave for true relaxation. Not regular eat-outs, and getting drunk at a bar (Well maybe in some cases, people crave for attention from friends)

In this millennium, parents are tense with their jobs and families, elderly are lonely at heart, kids are getting tired and stressed out from the mundane learning in school. And young millennial at work are facing a lot of stress and challenges that affect their mental and physical health. This is why relaxation is a big topic for baby boomers, kids, elderly, and young millennial.

The best way to engage your readers is start provide educational content to teach them ways to relax, meditate and massage at home. This will make your audience feel that you are giving not just taking from them upfront.

How hydrotherapy alleviates stress and relief muscle tensions

Write about how to make bathing at home a therapeutic experience. Give wild ideas to your readers. The scented candles, salt bath massages, and exotic bath bombs. Things that you have experienced first hand and your readers would love to hear about.

Massage is a critical way to reduce muscle tensions. Depending on your audience, you can recommend them skin oils. The sensations help them to get into the zone and feel at ease with their muscles. And then you can talk about the massaging techniques and positions.

Skin care and manicure

Another good blogging topic is skin care and nails. Recently pride day happens two months ago in Barcelona, North America and other parts of the world, people are looking to groom themselves for the parties. This was a good opportunity to launch marketing campaigns and post online collateral specific to LGBTQ. Highlighting the best manicure, brows fixing, and skin toning services.

As a general advice, make your content visual. Although relevant text is useful for optimizing your position in the search engine, remember don’t overload the front page with excessive details. Leave this information in an ebook, online article or blog. Your audience will find it more appealing if the content is succinct and the pages are easy to navigate in your website. Your prospects and clients expect to see clear prices for the individual services and packages. Put them in a tabulation to show all the offerings. You can also have a shopping cart and a date picker for clients to book for an appointment online. Once the request has gone through, send them an auto-email confirming the details of the appointment.

Tanning beds

You can talk also about the tanning options your spa offers compare to other competitors. The special technology, indoor tanning bed. And the skin care treatment to achieve proper moisturizing and conditioning results to extend the life of your tend. Highlight the best in your offerings. And make this an opportunity for your brand to shine!

This seems like a lot of giveaway for the blogs, but believe me this is the best part of marketing. Draw your audience in with “ungated”, free content and gradually you can build up credible relationships with your readers. And many will buy from your brand and recommend to others. Leverage your key resources in content marketing and make your convert by offering useful resources on landing pages.