Mautic provides a feature called preference center — a page where you can re-caputre customers who happened to click unsubscribe. This allow some customers to opt-in to segments of their interest without making them completely unsubscribe to your email offering.

Your Mautic preference center is not connected to each email you built in, instead you’ve got manually link the preference center to each email created.

To create a preference center page, build a landing page under the components tab in Mautic.

This landing page is where your segments list will be automatically populated. Subscribers can choose areas they wanted to opt in based on their interest. And you can connect the Preference Center to all email campaigns within the same Mautic instance.

Say you wanted to send weekly newsletter, here’s what to do for the campaign logic. Choose “send email” under the Actions drop down.

You can select a specific date and time or a relative time period in the ‘Send email’ action pop-up.

Note that Mautic by default assumes your contacts want to receive emails once every week. So there’s no direct logic to implement bi-weekly emails. If you’d like to set up a bi-weekly sending pattern, this campaign needs to be paused and resumed again every other week.

Although this sounds inconvenient, we can still work on the logic to make sure emails are sent at the exact time frame. See logic below:


While email campaigns are stopped, you can have copywriters to produce the next batch of emails in sequence and reattach them to the resumed campaign. This way, you’ll have fresh content every other week for your audience.

Also, if you’re adding new contacts after email campaign has started, you’d need to manually pause the campaign, exclude existing contacts that have already received your emails. Select new contacts, and resume the campaign to send out the sequence of emails in the campaign logic.


Here’s how to campaign builder looks like:

Select “Yes” to allow contacts to restart the campaign, so your leads can unsubscribe anytime they wanted to stop receiving emails.

Here’s an example of how the preference center landing page looks like after your leads have unsubscribed.







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