Digital asset performance is rooted in an understanding of the user experience that is key to creating a brand relationship with your customers. We help brands to leverage their reputation by presenting assets to customers in the right location, at the right time. When it comes down to hard numbers, we work with you to determine key performance metrics, define goals and develop a plan to meet these goals. This includes behavioral analyses from the action triggers we programmatically created in each marketing campaign. We also identify roadblocks and barriers hindering smooth user experience and the enhancements required to make it more efficient in driving higher rates of desirable actions. With a comprehensive action plan, our marketing intelligence team prioritize goals that drive page visits and conversion value.

Agency work

Our MarTech umbrella consists of two parts: Strategic planning & Deployment

We work with you to analyze based on expected level of impact, AB test, and personalized marketing collateral delivered to your clients. Both the planning and deployment teams work on on-going campaign monitoring to ensure smooth execution. And if there are any new revisions added to the campaign, we will have an immediate response to adjust all the action triggers, moving parts of the campaign’s logic, in addition to the strategy framework.

Conversion rates analytics

At our core, Ideaggio encourages the culture of testing. Our marketing ops and collateral design teams are here to drive traffic, increase conversions, and impress your audience with the best user experience while they are spending time to discover more about your brand. We integrate insights from our digital media practice, and apply deep analytics to gain insights on clients’ online experiences and help you get on track to deliver on CRO goals.

From strategy to ideation, we continuously measure, plan, test, and learn to implement marketing strategies that meet our clients’ requirements and budgets. After all, we all know marketing involves multiple moving parts that affect every aspect of your campaign performance. As an agency, it’s our mandate to provide quality services to each and every client. We diagnose challenges, bring in our expertise, and work with you to enhance the way your audience interact with the brand.

Clear roadblocks in conversions

MarTech isn’t just about software knowledge. Marketing is not a piecemeal job created for brand vanity. It’s not a laborious process with a lot of grunt work either. There’s actually more to it. Sadly, many inexperienced marketers tend to overlook the big picture; not knowing how to bring new ideas to clients. It’s actually not uncommon to see interns, and even marketers in mid-career filling in hours with coding, and troubleshooting. Well, this is not very good news when the clients expected critical thinking and strategy to drive revenue to add more value to the existent ‘bread and butter’ services. After all, marketing services is about understanding our clients’ interest. So that’s why your brand voice and the industry expertise are important to us.

The best value you can extract is our ideas! We work at a brisk pace to spin up new solutions by conceptualizing ideas with our analysts, specialists, and campaign management teams. All our staff are in-house and we work in close-knit & cross-functional teams. We have senior strategists who can tie your lead gen and sales initiatives together, translating into growth in conversions overtime. Our entire team is dedicated to the block of hours you purchased – this is where we bring in our expertise in marketing intelligence, smart content, and campaign management.