marketing team workThe end result of business growth is to attract growth capital solution and scale-up your version to take flight. After your company acquired funds for R&D, inventory, and business development. There’s still one part that’s missing – it’s marketing.

To fast track client acquisition process to deal closure, hiring more sales reps is a logical step to ramp up sales efforts. But at the same time, think about how to shape your inbound marketing strategy to increase conversions in sales process – whether your customers are acquired through inbound or outreach methods, marketing spending needs to justified with performance metrics to showcase and quantify returns extracted for every dollar you spent.

The question is how to ensure your company has invested in the right areas. This comes down to metrics and effective communications. Coordinating efforts in all levels requires inter-departmental dialogues between sales, marketing and products managers. Marketing gains insights on the industry landscape from sales and gets feedback from products team to develop campaign strategies based on updates in product lines. To quantify results, it’s up to the digital marketing manager to determine spending areas in content, email, sponsorship, and ad. Typically SMEs start with inbound marketing and invest in automation to send emails to engaged customers. We suggest trickling down emails in a drip campaign – so your prospects are aware of what you have to offer and gradually convert into buying customers.

If you don’t have an extensive contact list to send drip emails, no problem – a one-time eblast is something you can use to engage new customers. Whether it’s email campaign or eblasts, we provide Mautic on-boarding services to train end-users in your organization. Have technical problem or need campaign management support? Our team of campaign strategists and marketers are here to help.