Writing an ebook might sound daunting at first. Yes, a quality ebook takes time to compose. Sometimes your in-house staff are tied-up with day-to-day tasks and major projects. And depending on how you angle your organization.

Ask yourself these questions: 1. Are you aiming to build authority in a particular industry with your publications? 2. Are you looking to flesh out ideas to attract new customers and/or renewing people’s awareness? 3. How do you want reach out to new people who are interested in your offerings?

You’re Half Way There Already

If you have considered the three questions above, you are already half way through. Enter Ebay, Amazon, EBooks.com, and a multitude of other eBook sites on the web. Choose the websites you want to post on based on whether you want to charge for your eBook or offer it for free. Look at what your competition is doing with their eBooks and where they’re having success. It’s time to unleash your company’s potential and show off your best work in front of new audience.

Ideas for eBook content

Chances are your in-house writers have created a good number of blog posts. You can pick up content from them and expand them into more elaborate narratives for ebooks. This is a good way to conceptualize how it’s like to publish an ebook. It also gives you the opportunity to go into detail explaining a concept.

Bloggers versus copywriters

Flash back when internet was new, and nobody knew that the word blog will become popular. Now fast forward a decade, everyone including grandparents own smart devices with access to the internet. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know what it is to use blogs to make a living.

Blogging becomes a popular way for millennial, babyboomers, and seniors to express how they live their lives. While some people use blogging as a way to make easy money, others dedicate their time to craft out in-depth content in return for frequent interactions with their readers.

Copywriters are the one of the few people who don’t create content just for the sake of creating it. They make their words speak to their audience, and the large part of their success comes from not what it’s written, but how they write it.

At Ideaggio, our copywriters are here to create original and engaging content. We are adept in explaining complex concepts. And if you want, we can also make your ebook a fun and engaging marketing collateral with just the right amount of humor.