Our managed service offers a complete email campaign management to achieve your marketing goals. From a full marketing strategy development to implementation including list cleaning, segmenting contacts, designing email campaigns and report analysis.

Let Ideaggio create a marketing strategy for you to generate more loyalty and sales. After all, email marketing is the core expertise of our business. We stand behind every email you send.

Email Marketing Audit

Looking to trouble shoot and improve your current email marketing results?

Ideaggio will analyze and provide recommendations to perfect your campaigns based on our proprietary checklist, including email design, list quality, delivery conditions, the message you are communicating and how you are engaging with the audience.

You will know exactly where your campaigns are working, and where you need to improve.

Factors included in Email Audit

When clients approach email marketing audit, they are unsure about the parameters that’s included in email marketing. Our marketers provides extensive email auditing with some of these parameters.


When someone reads an email, they care about aesthetics. This is because texts are major sources of information. While creating content for your email, you should take care of balancing graphics and text. This is where typography comes into play. Typography is the art of arranging content, giving a feel to it, and presenting information in a professional way.

Typography is a medium of communication. Let’s say one clients thinks the typography works better using the “Helvatica” font in their emails, then they should keep this fact in mind.

Holds audience’s attention

Every content can contain pieces of mundane text. To make the typography more attractive, highlight some text from within to make the content more captivating. Another approach is to use graphics around the text blocks to spruce up the marketing email. Font is also adds value to your brand. When you follow the pattern of using the same fonts and presenting content in the same rhythm, the audience will remember the fonts you use in presenting the visuals.

Creates information hierarchy and content flow harmony

Information hierarchy means categorizing texts inside a content according to their importance. Highlighting the important topics with different font sizes will help the audience determine information that they should pay more attention to.


A clear call-to-action drives readers to visit your site. Most marketers use buttons and links with special colors or highlights to attract clicks.


Some screen readers and browsers block images. So it’s best practice to add alt text as a describer for all images, in case some people are unable to see them. Otherwise users are unable to visually identify the image.

Level of Trust

Email design should build credibility and rapport with your subscribers. Our email audits will evaluate emails based on brand guidelines.