As business owners, we don’t want to taint the reputation of our companies. This is why we should be aware of user preferences by referring to the details in the opt-in form.

In general, all emails sent to customers are considered email marketing. This is a form of direct communication with current or previous customers to encourage loyalty and repeat business. You can also send emails to acquire new customers or current customers to purchase immediately. Another way to promote your brand is add ads to emails sent by other companies to customers.

Email marketing is more efficient in comparison to traditional marketing. The ROI is superior to traditional marketing when it’s executed well. It is often reported as the most effective online marketing method. This is because it is personalized and reaches to users’ inboxes.

Advertisers can reach a large number of email subscribers who have opted in to receive email communications on subjects of interest to them. More than half of all online users check and send emails daily.

Marketers use email marketing to reach out to consumers with personalized, relevant and dynamic messages. There are also transnational emails which allow businesses to respond automatically to important consumer events like purchases or shopping cart abandonment.

Advantages on email marketing

It reduces cost by a great amount compare to traditional medium like direct mail. Email marketing is salable, you can expand contact list based on however many subscribers you have. Your designers can make changes in the template and create email content in formats tailored to customers’ needs. Takes less time than making copies for print advertisements.

Email marketing is also a simple way to reach prospects who have previously seen your brand. Because the majority of your prospects have filled out an opt-in form to initiate email marketing, they are more receptive to emails than any other visitors who have clicked through your ads on social media. It is a good medium to nurture and engage new and existing customers. Triggering sales conversions along the way.

Disadvantages on email marketing

Common misconception is marketers tend to focus on volume instead of engagement with target audience. The downside of email marketing is rejection or spam rate which negatively affect the delivery rate of emails.

To resolve this, use an opt-in form to filter out consumers who are disinterested. This will improve the open rates as the quality of the recipients improves. This is an important factor to improve your email reputation as your contact list grow.

In conclusion, overall there are more advantages than disadvantage in email marketing. It is one of the best tools to educate and inform your customers and prospects. Our #1 advice to businesses is don’t burn your marketing budget on ads based on impressions and click-through-rates. Think about how to attract customers organically first from your offering before doing any further promotions.