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This is probably one of the most familiar to you. Perhaps you have a couple promotional emails from a brand in your inbox now. In my experience as a customer, these are often less strategic or systematic than what we would like to see.

They clog up our inboxes with repetitive messages. This is not what we encourage — we wish companies would have thought it through and put more customization into their marketing campaign. This is really irks the customers’ impression and interaction with the marketers.

Your emails should speak to your customers

A good marketer should consider making campaigns in a more unified way by sending an initial email and leading up to the followup emails. More effective than haphazardly distributing 10 different one-off emails promoting your products and services.

Make your emails centered around your clients’ needs and wants. Be conversational with them. Depending on where customers are at in their buying journey, you use certain kind of campaign method to your contacts in different stages:

  1. One time welcome emails is suitable for broadcasting your offerings to groups of customers with specific interests. These customers can be grouped into segments in each targeted campaign. They can also be sent to multiple contact lists at the same  time.
  2. Drip campaigns is perfect for on-boarding and educating your customers. A good way to nurture them into more mature potential buyers.
  3. Scheduled emails is scheduled to send campaigns at times that are beneficial and meaningful to you and your customers. For example, say you wanted to promote automobiles to university graduates, you can schedule the email in mid-June when students have attended the graduation ceremony.
  4. Triggers are automated workflows that organize followups based on the campaign logic you have specified. For example, you can set your trigger events as “submitted contact form”, “subscribed to newsletter”, “requested for a quote”. And set the action as email “product offering ebook” to customer.
  5. Date based campaigns is perfect for time interval specified through out the day to your contacts at different times stated in the date fields.

Here’s what we would suggest to increase customers’ “stickiness” to your brand emails.

Elements you can add to make emails appealing:

  1. Create content that provokes emotion
  2. Keep it short, and informative
  3. Place appropriate graphics to make your subscribers curiours
  4. Free giveaways in contests
  5. Use lyrics from popular music to form attractive brand captions or slogans
  6. Make your font, color composition special and eye-catching


Emails are $300/each
3 emails or more $200/each
Includes automation and header design
Customers are to provide copy for email or ask about copywriting services.


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