Accelerate growth and scale your business. Automate and simply business communications with Omni-channel marketing approach. This is the mode of advertising and promotions. There are no exceptions to this!

Businesses have been devising marketing strategies to activate more leads based on automation. Cost-wise this totally make sense. We are all ditching the old way of processing customer data manually. Besides this is the best way to truly deliver a multi-channel experience that’s more streamlined and creative.

Did you know how businesses leverage marketing automation? Well, having an automation software enables vertical scaling. So you’ll grow the customer base without incurring extra cost. At the same time, your business can benefit from the holistic workflow processes and enable you to instigate more useful leads.

Here’s how we uncover your hidden leads:

Marketing Automation - Contacts

Identify visitors 

We use Google Analytics and Mautic Activity Log to identify companies visiting your site.

Google Analytics

See their most recent activities 

Prioritize leads based on what they do on your site.

Email Stats

Decision-makers contact

Enrich lead profile with company details and contact information.

Mautic Lead Profile

Send leads to your team

Sync with your CRM to receive emails with lead data.

Salesforce CRM Demo

Integrate with tools you already use 

Mautic syncs with lead engagement, data storage, custom inboxes, and event tools.

Mautic Plugin Integrations

Implement campaigns

We build emails in a logical sequence and use A/B testing to check out the best version for your email campaigns.

Mautic Lead ScoringMautic AB Test