There are many ways we connect with our audience, especially in a digitally connected world we live now. When it comes to fitness marketing, you can run a lot of fun and engaging fitness marketing campaigns.

With digital marketing, you can promote gym to your ideal audience. You can get your promotions and offers straight to their phones, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

Reaching your ideal audience can never be easier. But the competition in the arena is fierce. Therefore it is very important to know your target audience and see what kind of special deal you can offer to your clients.

First time getting to know your customers?

Ask them to fill out a quick online survey to find out what preferences they have with workout routines. Use spa coupons, free giveaway rewards as incentives.

Once you get to know them, use two different marketing campaigns approach for your clients:

1. Current members, 2. Non-members

Create your promotional materials based on pricing. For example, I go for a half an hour circuit training at FitFix multiple times a week. This keeps me in shape and brings me closer to my fitness goals. From a buyer’s perspective, it’s a great idea for FitFix to sell me cardio packages. This keeps your muscles in shape and brings you closer to your fitness goals.

For non-members, think about two primary motives people wanted to workout:

  1. Increase strength
  2. Weight loss

Create campaign variations centered around these two areas. Put up booths in universities, trade fairs. Make your brand prominent and show all the classes and packages you have to offer!

This is a great way to increase brand awareness while trying to engage with new prospects.

Now the main goal is to keep your gym audience interested. You need to make sure you offer something that can attract their attention right away in front of them.

It’s important for you to engage and make them click with your brand. You can have fitness trainers on site to do some quick demos on stretches and good postures on machines. They can also have a discussion about fitness goals. These are direct ways to engage with your prospects.

Once your prospects become customers, remember to market them packages tailored to their own needs and purchase more to get them become gym promoters.

Knowing what would and what wouldn’t work for your gym. Especially when it comes to many different types of gym facilities. For example, a Crossfit gym is different from a bar or cycling gym.

Using the right verbiage is crucial when marketing your gym. 

Once you have your target audience defined and the channel of your choice (social media, google ads, mobile apps, and blogging). The next thing is an idea. How would you market your gym? How would you get your clicks on the ads, promotions and blogs?

To get started, here are 5 ideas for fitness marketing:

– New Year Slimdown Promo (facebook)

A slimdown promo is perfect for a group of women looking to get in shape. Prospects are the most motivated starting from January 1st and ending the first day of summer would be an ideal time line. This is a good way to attract new members to your gym. New Year Slimdown would be  a unique program tailored to female customers for toned body and fat loss. You can offer classes like aeorbics, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, and swing dancing classes.

– Flash Special: Gym Anniversary

On your gym anniversary, you can offer first six months free out of the 12 months for the first 10 non-members that visit your gym. If you have a one-to-one personal training, you might want to consider giving discounts on the rate, instead free sessions.

– Corporate Challenge

Run an organizational challenge. Encourage companies to run corporate wellness programs. Get your local business to compete against each other. Give the winning business a free membership for six months, health products (vitamins, protein shakes) or trophy.

– Free Training Day

Create a landing page where non-members can sign up with either Twitter, Facebook, email to receive a free one-to-one session with a personal trainer or join in for a class.

Once the individual have enrolled using one of the above methods, you have their information and you can provide them with more information after they claim their free training.

Just like any other flash special, people are testing the waters to see if they feel comfortable and fit in. They also wanted to test if they could achieve the results they are looking for.

This might seem like a lot of expectations in one class or session, but a makes a difference for the new comers to love their experience and wanting to sign up for a longer term membership than to experiment with it and walk away.

– One week pass for check-ins via Four-square or Facebook

Always good to gain brand recognition and awareness on social media. A good way to do this is to offer members a one-week free pass when they promote your brand with check-ins.

– Two week pass for a guest with Google Review

Give your customers a token of appreciation for the feedback. After all it is key to showing to your competitors how much value your brand offers. This also convinces new comers to try out the gym facilities and training you offer.