Find answers to common questions about Mautic.

1.How much does Mautic setup cost?

Depends on the number of contacts. If you are looking to do managed hosting, the setup fee is waived. You will need to pay for the monthly operating cost to the SaaS company, ranging from $440 to $1,505. If you are looking to do self-hosted, you will pay a one-time fee for your Mautic instance, starting from $550.

2.How many contacts does Mautic support?

Mautic supports as many contacts as you have in your database or CRM. The best part of Mautic is it’s open source, so there is no hard limit on contacts. Talk to a Mautic architect, so they can configure a server that supports large volume of contacts.

3.What are the best SaaS providers for Mautic?

Mautic Cloud and WebMecanik.

4.My email volume is relatively low. I’m a small business looking for small Mautic instance to self-host.

You might want to think about hosting on Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultur, and SiteGround for US hosting; Hetzner for Europe.

5.Can I clone Mautic campaigns and add new contact segments?

Yes, you can clone campaigns and reuse them for further engagement.

6.Why does Mautic keep sending emails even after the contact has been set to “Do-not-contact?”

The reason why Mautic keeps sending emails is because you might have set emails to “transactional” instead of “marketing.” And the campaign happened to be unpublished and re-published. Marketing emails are only send once for each contact in a campaign. Transactional email sends to recipients multiple times.

7.What’s the best way to track engagement using Mautic?

Mautic has tracking image for email opens and reads. They also have site tracker to monitor visitors on your website.

8.GDPR Compliant Standards in email marketing, and SMS messaging

Only send to opt-in lists. Contact form should make the check box for email opt-ins optional.

9.My Mautic instance is broken, help!

Ask a sysadmin for break fix services or the managed Mautic hosting company.

10.Difference between Google and Mautic Analytics

Google analytics track visitors and gives you an overview on where your site traffic comes from based on IPs and countries. Mautic has unique identifiers to track visitors who are already in your contact database. This is an extra feature that Google analytics doesn’t offer. In addition, Mautic also tracks anonymous visitors (people who never inquired and gave you their contact information).

11.What is the maximum number of contacts for a Mautic instance?

There is no hard limit as to the number of contacts you can import into the Mautic database.

12.Can I create multiple user accounts for the same Mautic instance?

Yes, to create a new user account, go to “Settings,” and select the new tab under “Users.”

13.How does import work in Mautic?

Start with creating a contact segment in Mautic, then import the contact list into that segment. You can map the columns and customize what you want to see on the contacts profile based on the data in your .csv file.

14.How to deal with opt-outs (unsubscribes) in Mautic?

Best practice is to keep the contact records and mark them as “Do Not Contact.” Avoid deleting the contacts, because it’d be hard for you to keep track of which contacts have been deleted, and import them again in the future.

15.Why does Mautic log show up with different IPs for a single contact profile?

One person can own multiple devices and accessing your Mautic emails or the web page from multiple servers. So don’t be alarmed 🙂

16.Can I remove contacts from one more multiple segments?

Yes, you can either remove contacts manually by deleting them from a segment or create a campaign to delete multiple contacts from multiple segments.

17.What’s the difference between Company and Contact records?

Each person has both company and contact records. Mautic separates company and contact records to allow end-users deploy targeted campaigns. As your contact volume increases, Mautic provides you with the capability to deploy account-based marketing campaigns by using “company” as a filter. By default, Mautic sets campaigns targeting on an individual level.

18.How to segment contacts by email consent (for GDPR compliance)?

Create a Mautic webform with a check box, so you will know of all the visitors who submitted the form which of them have voluntarily consent receiving email communication from your company.

19.Can I turn off Mautic site tracking?

You can turn off site tracking at anytime.

20.What are the recommended email gateways for email marketing?

SendGrid, AmazonSES, Spark Post, MailGun, and MailJet (For Europe).

21.How to convert IP to anonymous IP in Mautic?

If you go to the gear icon to open the “Settings” menu, then select “Configuration.” Under Configuration, select “Tracking Settings.” Turn on the Anonymize IP option to let Mautic truncate the IP string for GDPR and data privacy compliance purpose.

22.Why are the Last contacted and Last activity properties not updating?

Be patient, give Mautic a moment to finish up the pending actions. If you are still seeing a problem after an hour or two, contact a sysadmin to check the status in the backend.