Although in this millennium most business processes go digital and paperless, business cards are still the mainstay of businesses to promote to prospective clients or collaborators. And if you do not have business cards to hand out, chances are you can miss out many major marketing opportunities.

Not all business cards are created equal. Many average business owners cannot afford time to make their own. A simple solution is order a template from an online print shop for the price of a regular meal. But these cards tend to be of an inferior print quality, and takes away the uniqueness of each business card when the clip art or stock graphics inside are very much recycled and overused. And one can never be too careful to determine the production quality of business cards based on bleed size, image resolution, trim edge, and typography size.

The material of business cards are no different than many other print designs. If you have time, you can go over some basics principles applied to paper-based business cards:

  1. Keep all copies at least 5mm from trim edge
  2. Work at 300 dpi for best image resolution
  3. Your typography should at least maintain a minimum size to be legible
  4. Design in CMYK unless you are working exclusively with spot colors.
  5. Ensure the hierarchy of info is displayed in sound alignment, you might want to use grid to layout your cards
  6. One typical business card size is 55 x 85mm, although you’ll see many other sizes quoted elsewhere¬†

Even with a tiny canvas, you can fit all the key information with eye-catching colors and composition to impress your prospects. Start by including your name, phone number, and email address. Then work with design and presentation in a creative way.

Most important part for printing: provide the correct bleed specified in the printer. Some printers shows 5mm while normal business cards require a 3mm bleed. Make sure you read through the printer and set it at desirable bleed amount before printing.


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