Writing an ebook is no different than creating content for your online audience. Think of it as a hook where you get other people engaged. It is a place to tell an elaborate story, to be creative, and bring your audience into deeper and deeper levels of interest.

You can think of crafting an ebook a way to direct people to the areas you want them to focus on in your business. An ebook can be logical  and creative at the same time! There is no absolute “Don’t”s for the contents you wish to present. You can include a more in-depth “About” section of your company and a time line (represented by flow diagram) to showcase development of your products and services.

An ebook can also be similar to story-telling. It can present different scenarios and provide recommendations of products and services to the readers. Simply jazz it up with computer graphics or illustrations to make this a fun and informative journey for your prospects.

And of course, it is important to place enough emphasis on the visual components in the eBook. he table of contents should be organized with a friendly-to-read font. Depending on the nature of the business, B2C ebooks should be designed with lively graphics, eye-catching color schemes and layouts  to make this an appealing experience from page to page.

On the other hand, B2B ebooks are made with valuable content and the longer versions are usually paid for, with upgraded content. Inherently, it is important not to cram in too many graphics to distract the readers from the key information. At the same time, avoid using flamboyant colors/font types to maintain professionalism with more traditional color schemes and layouts. The company receives more credibility and appeal from their audience.

eBooks are simple to produce. When you click on “Save as” and choose the .pdf option in the drop down menu of save as type, you can easily convert a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx format) into an Adobe Acrobat document (.pdf).

I would suggest saving the document as (.docx) first then move onto making it into a (.pdf), because chances are: your team wants to edit the file. Better to have an editable version (.doc or .docx), otherwise if you have only saved the file as .pdf, you would need to convert it to .docx in order to make the file editable.


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