Identify hot leads using Mautic contact points

Ever since Mautic’s lead scoring have been debuted, automators are intrigued by how contacts interact with smart content and campaign emails. As MarTech becomes a vital interest for enterprise marketers, we are excited to implement a scoring system to further enhance lead scoring and attribution in Mautic.

Validate emails in the contact list

Each time a company imports new contacts into the Mautic database, marketers should adhere to best practice to be screen out invalid emails and irrelevant companies. It’s important to have oversight on the data import to ensure the contact list has been validated and all emails are legitimate. This is equally as important as the marketing campaign. We recommend your marketers to use ZeroBounce, an online email validation system, to reduce bounces and achieve better deliverability especially for high volume email sending. ZeroBounce ensures the integrity of your contact list, so the data stored in Mautic will be with compliant international data storage regulations.

Watch the demo video to see how email list validation works:


The ZeroBounce Validator API checks for abuse email list, disposable emails, remove spam traps to ensure your email list is hygienic. The validator also have a Catch-all Email Checker to show domain that return valid for all emails. Their API also finds the full name and location of a certain email user to fill in any missing information. You can also supply a registration IP which will append the corresponding country/region/city/zip to the email list. The ZeroBounce Email Data Append deploys the latest anti-greylisting technology that provides users with the most accurate results.

Exclude low value prospects in your campaigns

Before you start any Mautic campaign, use points to filter out the individuals who are less likely to buy and only place the more relevant individuals to your target campaign. In Mautic, you can use data points such as demographic attributes, company, region, and title to screen out the lower value potential clients.

Score contacts based on company, position (title), geographical region, and country

Users can create an internal scoring mechanism in a Mautic campaign to weigh leads in order of importance based on their individual attributes in a contact profile.

Add conditions in a Mautic campaign to generate lead attribute scoring.

Mautic campaign lead scoring

Mautic contact field - country

Score contacts based on interactions in Mautic Campaigns

Assign score to contacts  

Campaign points actions are created based on the decision-tree in the Mautic campaign builder. They are triggers that awards points or, sometimes, deducts points from contacts based on the contact’s responses during the campaign. For example, you can award points to a contact who has clicked on the products page URL and opted-in for the weekly company announcement emails. You can also add points to contacts who have opened an email, responded to survey questionnaires or an email invitation. This is a way to assign a cumulative score to contacts, so your sales team can weigh in the intrinsic value of each individual lead.

Mautic lead scoring campaign

How to sort contacts based on points? 

Mautic enables your sales team to prioritize leads to followup based on points. To get contacts with the highest score, create a lookup function based on points using Mautic’s Dynamic Contact Segment. Use the “greater than or equal to” condition to filter out lower scoring leads.

Mautic dynamic content

Qualify contacts in a followup email campaign

In the campaign level, we can implement points trigger to track all contacts’ interactions in response to the campaign emails.

In the contact segment level, apply one or more filters for points after you have executed a campaign to add/deduct points from contacts.

Your contacts may accrue negative points if a campaign deducts points from inactive contacts. For example, some individuals started with +0 points. Overtime, they accumulated negative points in one or more campaigns. Negative points policy can be enforced to unsubscribes or unopened/unread emails.

Mautic Deduct points for unread email


Contacts may accumulate many points after they interacted with your company through marketing emails and social media posts. You can set up points triggers in a campaign based on criteria such as opened email, clicked on a URL, replied to email, submitted form, requested for dynamic content, and asset download.

For instance, points action can be triggered based on a decision, “Downloads an asset”

Mautic Action Trigger - Downloads Asset

Mautic Adjust points eBook Download

Award points to contacts with high engagement activity

The more your contact participate in Mautic campaign, the more they score.

High score contacts indicate high interest, so these contacts are receptive to one-time offer, blow out sales or any type of promotions.

Schedule your contacts for free consultations (sales call)

For any sales organization, it’s to our benefit to pay attention to the sales pipeline to scope out qualified prospects. After every email campaign, sales team should send a followup email and schedule a phone or in-person consultation with the most engaged contacts.

Based on the point actions in the Muatic campaign, we can implement a dynamic segment filter, for instance using a search query to lookup contacts who have reached at least 7 points or more in the email campaign. If there are qualified contacts, the marketing team should send the contact info to the sales consultants. This allows the sales team to concentrate their energy on qualified leads.

Create a followup campaign with multiple segments

Once your team reached the tail-end of a sales cycle, it’s time for your marketing team to bulk up on followup content to engage with more warm leads. In a followup campaign, add as many segments as you want. This multiple “contact source” functionality allows multiple segments to be targeted simultaneously in the same campaign.

Open marketing, a mature technology in 2020

Mautic is the best resource that integrates with marketing and sales to make your organization function in cohesion. The open marketing has reached a maturity stage with the veteran developers on-board from Acquia to make the software user experience, yet the better. It’s the best marketing automation and marketing assets design tool you can find from the open source community.