Coming up with a landing page design that will help convert traffic into customers might seem like an easy task, but it can be more difficult than it sounds. A good design requires attention to every minute detail.

After all, seemingly minute detail can make a huge difference to perception and consumers’ willingness to buy. Attract the right audience with clear objectives and call-to-actions. This is a good place to promote special offerings and provide free guides/lead magnets. So you can effectively connect with potential customers and understand their underlying needs.

Looking for tips and inspiration, this is the right place.

Use one-click sign up process

Your offer needs to be visible on the first half of the landing page. So visitors won’t miss out on what you are promoting. It’s important to make the CTA convenient.


Use bright or pastel colors 

Whether you are choosing something stunning or brilliant, all eyes go nuts with colors that are not pleasing to the eye with too much or too little contrast. When it comes to presenting, the understanding that colors affect how people feel and react has dramatic implications for your visual communications. But avoid using too many colors on one page, as they will distract the audience from your message.

Interior Design Hathaway

Use copy, don’t just rely on images

Any good copywriting can be tough, but don’t forgo content and only use image for the heavy-lifting work. This is not how landing pages work. Just because a background image is added as part of the landing page design, doesn’t mean the working content is complete. Visitors will see your landing page as empty with little insights.

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Repeat yourself

Sounds bad repeating yourself everyday, but repetition actually helps. The Rule of Seven is the old marketing adage, but it still applies nowadays. On average it takes just about seven times or more to convince a customer to buy from you.


Make your Landing Page Responsive 

It’s ugly to see a logo get cut off or a page not properly sized for all dimensions across laptop browsers, and mobile devices. Whether you are the company behind this website or a visitor looking to buy, either way, everyone will be dissuaded from buying anything on a non-responsive page because of how bad a page loads on their phone screens.

Responsive Landing Pages Delerus

Spruce up your page with persona images

Sales is all about adding personal touch and human pitch. So as marketing. Sometimes it’s good to add a few images with people; whether it’s your end-clients or employees. An image mirrors a perception that you want to show to your customers. A warm image like this will entice visitors to spend more time browsing on your landing page.