Don’t have a dedicated account manager to clean your contact list, not to worry! You’ll be in good hands with our marketing strategists. List cleaning can be a painful process; from validation to verification of your customers’ database – every part of the process takes a long time till campaign deployment. But after all it’s crucial to get the cleansing process right in the first place.

Why Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing involves list validation and verification on your existing customer database. This maintains a healthy contact list that filters out contacts with typo errors, duplicates, inactive emails, irrelevant industries, and P.O. Box addresses. You will benefit from improved email deliverability, increased opened emails and response rate, reduced bounce emails, minimized spam complaints, and better sender reputation to avoid ISP blacklists.

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Why does your company lose so many contacts?

On average marketing databases decay naturally by 22.5% each year, so it’s important to have a backup plan to make up for any losses on contacts. Email addresses change as individuals move from one company to another. Other contacts have abandoned email accounts that they no longer use. So you should disqualify leads by opting them out of email communications. Once you have taken out stale contacts, it’s time for you to refresh your contact database with fresh new leads every year to bring your marketing strategies back to live.

How does this impact your marketing campaigns?

A stale contact list poses a heavy overhead on your company. It adversely impacts marketing and sales initiatives. Operation cost such as server maintenance, marketing automation, and sales outreach can increase from time to time. What’s worse is your digital marketing strategy might fail despite best efforts.

How to revitalize your campaign strategies?

Database decay is part of the lifecycle in marketing. Even if you improved your unsubscribed rates, you can’t stop people from moving to new jobs, changing email addresses. But this is not the end of the world…

Companies with an inbound marketing strategy typically increase their site traffic and double their conversion rates from site visitors. Research shows that more than twice as many marketers have inbound leads (45%) as their main source relative to outbound (22%).

If you hire the right copywriters, inbound marketing tactics can work just like magic. Blogs and social media cost less than other lead generation sources, and you can understand why a consistent flow of inbound leads is the best option to overcome database decay and a requirement for any marketing campaigns to succeed.