Having a headache in email marketing? Happens a lot when your email list grows to 10k+, your open rate dips below 30%.

This can be due to many reasons:

  1. Your emails are going to spam
  2. Recipients never open emails, deletes right away
  3. They are lacking in variety and new content

What should you do to fix this situation?

Take a look at your contact list. Are there contacts opted out from receiving emails? If yes, you should delete these emails. Because this will dilute the results of the actual open rate out of all the subscribers who want to hear from you. Clean out the list, then you can judge based on the existing subscriber list, what is your actual open rate.

Sending Reputation

You should also check your email gateway reputation. See your email deliverability and reputation score on send score. If you have used your business domain for outbound, chances are you have worsen your reputation. Looking back, you should have set up a separate domain for outbounds to maintain a cleaner record for your actual business domain.

Also, for the first five years you have registered your domain, you should send a dozen of emails to keep it active. Otherwise, by being dormant, you lose out on establishing a good sending reputation. Once you have built up a good reputation, your emails are less likely to end up in spam folder.

Email Content

Sometimes emails don’t need to be fancy and elaborate. You don’t have to overload with huge graphics. What you can do is center your emails around simple ideas, content that customers often seek out on your web page. Compose personable emails that are less promotional. You want to bring value to your customers and make the call-to-action obvious. Enrich your customers with info guides, interesting facts about your business. Tell them your story as a business owner.

Stop Spamming

Mass emails is the worst for your contact list. Don’t flood the inbox of all your subscribers. Focus on nurturing your contacts. It’s better to educate customers with drip campaign emails and show them relevant info.

Be Consistent with how often you send drip emails

Send your drip emails at a consistent time frame. Subscribers who are interested in your content always want to anticipate when’s the next email. Be sure to keep your campaign schedule consistent, and subscribers will be less likely to miss out your emails.

How to increase open rates?

There are a few tactics you can do. Write a subject line that’s less sale-oriented. Don’t say, “Lose Weight Fast in 90 days.” You can rephrase this to, “Recipes for a three-month healthy diet.” This will change the audience’s perception. And your emails won’t be sorted into the spam folder.