From a management perspective, whether you are a business owner or an employee  – marketing is an important priority for the organization.

Nobody wants to entertain salespersons

You probably have seen this before. Companies that are exclusively doing content, direct mail, door-to-door sales, and cold calling are getting fewer viable customers. What’s the worst case is they are driving away prospects when they come across aggressive salespersons that taints their impression of organizations.

Stop using only push mediums

Why is this the case? We are living in a millennium where marketing means mutual engagement between you and your customers. Think about how damn boring it is for marketers to always push advertising and promotional contents to consumers. The old model is set up for failure. Nobody wants to listen to pure sales pitches and buy what’s being promoted right in front of them.

Value your customers

Customers seek information to help guide their buying decisions. and we all agree that it is better for buyers to understand your organization’s offerings and how it is better than others. So they can be knowledgeable about your products and services. Able to give feedback for the benefit of your organization to enhance offerings and roll out new ideas ahead of competitors.

Capture each customer’s behaviour

The best of marketing automation is that you can build a tracking logic to understand what has happened when you have visitors on your website. Filter out less relevant visitors and make sure you are targeting at the right audience.

Categorize contact lists into groups

Simply speaking, the back-end logic includes a series of conditions that can segment the subscribers. This way, you can create an email campaign targeting at a specific contacts. You can set several  “and, or” conditions, such as:

  1. Has subscribed  on subscription form AND
  2. Has shared your company socially on twitter  AND
  3. Country Is  United States AND
  4. Has opened a campaign email

You can launch a email campaign targeting towards this specific group of Americans who has subscribed, shared your company on social media, and opened an email.

Segmentation helps identify the groups you wanted to interact with.

Email campaign, sets up a date and time for email sending with customized messages and layouts targeting at different groups. You can also set up auto-response when visitors submitted a contact form.


Marketing automation is an all-encompassing solution for entrepreneurs, employees, and managers. The built-in functionality makes the day-to-day interaction with customers a more seamless and efficient experience. Customers can receive instant responses fast. Companies can send tailored promotional offers, announcement updates or guides to keep subscribers engaged. In this millennium, no doubt that we all rely on technology to educate ourselves and make our buying decisions.