Ever heard of open marketing? Mautic is an open sourced marketing platform for marketers create their own content and deliver their promotions and company info to customers with no subscription fees. In other words, this is good news for SMEs and larger businesses, our options are broader. We are no longer obligated to pay monthly subscription fees to maintain marketing automation instances, build and store our contact lists within a few big players such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot. Instead we are free to modify and customize the Mautic dashboard to our liking. If we are looking for a new functionalities or plugin support, we can message the developers directly. They can implement the changes to the software. This is a characteristic that makes Mautic more flexible than other marketing automation software.

Another advantage of Mautic over other email marketing software is no limit over how many contacts you can have on your email list. As long as you have set up email gateway and have a Mautic instance ready-to-use, you do not need to pay additional fees as your company scales up in lead generation.

Sometimes Mautic has less documentation and hands-on, on-boarding tutorials relative to other marketing software. But we’ve found Mautic to be a reasonable solution for small to mid-sized agencies, because developers are always willing to extend their support in the Mautic community. We are also able to hire developers to help us do Mautic infrastructure set-up, regular maintenance in version upgrades, and bug-fixes.

If you wanted to learn more about Mautic, you can visit mautic.org. This is the official website for individuals and marketers who’d like to investigate how to build Mautic from scratch.

Alternatively, if your company would like to hire a reliable system architect, visit autoize.com

Autoize provides in-depth guides on Mautic and other plug-ins and apps. It also features the latest development on Cloud computing and marketing automation technology.