Mautic Marketing Campaign Management

Cloud computing has long been the solution to data and technological challenges companies face, it brought with its own set of opportunities. More specifically, challenges in scaling and reliability despite the sheer number of cloud providers in the market. This is where cloud consulting and marketing services come into play.

As B2B marketers, we collaborate with cloud infrastructure and marketing automation consultants to publicise digital transformation, guides for end-users, IaaS/PaaS Solutions, and DevTools. Understanding market segments is the first step to discover client needs. More important, it is our end-goal to market both off-the-shelve solutions and custom infrastructure setups.

Today, we celebrate the achievements in Ideaggio’s longtime client, QuixTec for delivering quality IT solutions. Namely, SharePoint Development, Microsoft 365 Migrations, and Visual Studio Cloud Development.

In the past three years, QuixTec has been using Mautic email marketing and automation campaigns, and so far, the progress in outreach and lead nurturing has been spectacular. Many C-suite executives and directors in fortune 500 companies are interested in delegating specialised IT services to QuixTec’s Azure Cloud, SharePoint consultants, and developers.

This is a success story in MA, because QuixTec used Mautic to its fullest potential from segmentation, advanced campaign logic, to lead scoring, and dynamic content. In top of that, they benefited from attracting customers to buy high value IT services, where They attained 45% engagement rate in the sales pipeline within one sales cycle.

Thanks to marketing’s dedication to jointly collaborate with technologists and consultants in QuixTec. Together we created a seamless marketing and sales process where leads are never dried up in engagement levels, and sales reps are always busy. This is something that we take pride as marketers. We want our sales people to succeed and love the clients they got from the pipeline. This is an important indicator to show whether we succeeded in feeding quality leads to sales.

How we organise marketing campaigns 

As marketers, our role is to determine market demand and touch points. It’s essential to develop marketing goals and discover client needs based on industry landscape. This is something we work on in a daily basis. We carve out the market niche, sort through contact list to focus on relevant prospects, and determine campaign logic based on segments, product offerings, engagement frequency and style. We want to cover all case scenarios, for example if client abandoned cart, we can send them a gentle reminder to complete their subscription purchase. We also create campaigns are lead nurturing to incubate and warmup contacts, so they can be converted into hot leads ready for sales pitch.

It’s a priority to make marketing a ROI generator, and this is where metrics matters. We provide campaign engagement, and conversion numbers based on an internal scoring system. This is where you get a sense of interest level and response rates. Marketing is not just a program, it requires on-going monitoring and adjustments. Successful campaign managers will adapt and change campaign strategies over time based on campaign results. This is why you need MA consultants. We focus on numbers and manage lead inflow for sales. Marketing works with sales to improve conversions. We enable lead generation and better conversion rates. We listen to feedback from management and sales. Together we work towards bigger and better deals.