Beauty lies in simplicity and easy for the eyes to follow. Good websites always cater to the needs of the user. Are your visitors looking for information, entertainment, interaction, and/or transaction?


Every page must have a clear purpose to make the website means something to your audience. When each page are made with purpose, then you can tailor your content towards specific needs of your viewers.


People want information fast. It is important to communicate clearly without overusing buzzwords and complicated jargons. You can also display your information more clearly by using headlines and sub headlines, bullet points instead of long-winded sentences.


Fonts such as Arial and Veranda are simple and contemporary-looking Sans Serif fonts without much fancy finishes. For an ideal level of readability, 16px is the best option. And a maximum of three typefaces in three point sizes on your page keep the design sleek and simple.


Like all basic marketing tools, a good web design must have visual appeals. Composition is key to arranging buttons, text and graphics in a manner that is logical to the people’s visual flow.

Naturally it is logical to exploit people’s visual perspective and place the key information in most prominent areas. By default, people scan computer screens in an “F” pattern. Most people see things in the top and left of the screen and the right side of the screen is rarely seen. Instead of forcing the viewer’s visual flow, effective websites are made to work with reader’s natural behavior and display information according to importance (left to right, top to bottom).



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