Set up your Mautic instance quickly with Cyber Panel

Got stuck in your Mautic install? Or want to build your own Mautic instance yourself? Going with Cyber Panel is a great choice. It is GUI tool box for DNS server configuration, SQL Database admin, and Mautic install. Start automating email and campaign workflows on day one with our team.

CyberPanel adds value to business users. A powerful portal that encompasses all business IT processes within the reach of your finger tips. All you need is a cloud server to host the instance.

CyberPanel has it all. Almost everything you can do with a CLI. Create websites, add domains, subdomains, manage databases for new web apps. The backups can also be resized on same server or you can send over to Amazon S3 or Google Drive, and much more. Cyber Panel supports SFTP and Google.

Visit CyberPanel for more details.

cyber panel