Email Blocks

Use Mailtrap to send test emails in Mautic

I have seen people asking how to send emails on the Mautic community forum. Basically, you need a dummy inbox to receive emails send from Mautic. To configure MailTrap with an SMTP server, input the MailTrap API key and credentials into Mautic.

Here’s how you can forward emails from Mautic to MailTrap:

  1. Choose service to send mail through: “Other SMTP Server”
  2. Host: & Port: 2525
  3. SMTP encryption type: TLS, SMTP authentication mode: Cram-MD5
  4. Input MailTrap credentials for selected mail service.

Follow the configuration parameters in for your Mautic email settings.

Email Sending

Configurations Environments

You can send test emails from the sending address specified in Mautic server to

MailTrap Test Inbox

View the step-by-step setup video for MailTrap.