Did you just created a spa business and thought about how to get more clients into your door? Looking for new ideas to promote your long term establishment? Here are some tips you can follow to make your business more marketable.

1. Giveaways promotions

When you see people face-to-face, a good way to promote your business is giveaways like soaps and facial creams. And remember, it’s always a good idea to understand your prospects preferences before shoving in the soap and facial creams for free sampling. Talk to your prospects first to get an idea what they are looking for before giving them the free giveaways. This is a mistake that general marketers should avoid, Be Understanding! Don’t be hard-sell.

2. Skin care and body treatments

When your customers walked into the spa, it’s good to provide consultation services to enable your customers to make the right decisions in what they want. It also shows that they are under no obligation and pressure to buy the service package right away. They have time to consider what’s best for them.

You can provide skin care treatments like: facials and body exfoliation, full body massage, wraps and packs to combat cellulite, and reduce water retention. Hydrotherapy treatments with whirlpool and hot tub baths are good for skin therapies. Body Tanning can be self-tanners and tanning beds.

3. Put up a good followup system to avoid no-shows

Let’s say your customer made an appointment online, but he did not show up. A good way to do this is to set up auto-responders to remind him. If this doesn’t work, propose alternative time slots in the email. This makes it convenient for him to reschedule. And if those times don’t work, he could manually email the organizer and get a time that works better for him.

4. Offer online booking and square appointments

Online payment is a must in this millennium. It’s a good way to show others your business is technologically advanced. Whether it is with Paypal, Square Payment or Stripe. It’s an important part of the infrastructure to make your business credible and trust-worthy.

5. Offer specialty massage services

One thing that sets your business apart from your competitors is to be distinctive. What kind of massage services do you offer? Do you offer deep tissue massages? Therapeutic stone massage? Body massage? Chair massage? How does this benefit your customers? Relief high stress areas on neck, shoulders. Full form body massage to release muscle tensions. Or a lighter form of body massage.

6. Create spa package and promote to corporations

Yeah you got it! Employees deserve a wellness package after the hard work and contribution they give to your organization. It’s also a way to boost the morale in the company making each and every person feel rewarded and treated well at work. What you can do as a spa? Offer corporations discounted packages and sell it with the health plan. The massage and therapeutic services can be flexible (case by case), depending on each individual’s needs. Employees can choose services ranging from massage, skin treatments, and hydrotherapy sessions. Potentially making these options into a tailored package for their health needs.