Traditional prints, and direct mail brochures used to be the main mediums of marketing. Nowadays with email marketing, information transmits faster than before. This is why we have fewer promotional materials printed. Businesses use email marketing to be more eco-friendly. Another benefit is they can always send more emails as contact list grows rather than thinking about the printing costs.

So what is email newsletter? It is regularly scheduled and sent out to a subscribers list, and the content can be announcements/updates or user experience with current product/services or new offerings. Let’s look at the different types of newsletters:

Email newsletters can be published in different forms. Depending on your business and the content you prefer to display, as well as subscribers’ preferences.

Just to be clear, subscribers are visitors who have signed up for email newsletter on the form in your website. You cannot simply send emails to anyone, because this will be considered as spamming. And your email gateway reputation goes downhill as a result of spamming.

Invitation style

Great for events or sharing details to follow up on a meeting. Note that is is a concise summary of the event details. Your readers do not require all the events details listed all at once in the email otherwise they would be overwhelmed. Focus on one or a few events that are the most relevant to them. And please, don’t list all the articles related to the event in the invitation email. Readers who are interested can look this up online.

Furthermore, your marketing stops here if you send all the content in one email newsletter. That’s a big mistake! Consider taking your subscribers back to your website where it contains all the key marketing materials.

Magazine / News Style

This email format tries to fit multiple stories in one newsletter. In general, each article contains a title with a featured image, the date published, short paragraph, and something similar to a “read more” link. Below are two generic samples of the magazine or news style emails.

Another News Style

Compilation Style

Consists of hyperlinks and texts with a series of content collated together. It usually serves as a condensed summary of new updates on a website. The content is compiled with different authors to inform users about one topic in different angles. The sources of articles are linked in each section of the email.

Compilation is designed by…

Industry Expert who is:

1.who has time and energy to develop original content.
2.His or her job may be to cover breaking news or hot topics.
3.With goals to engage subscribers, and encourage them to download a report or buy a service.

Remember: DO NOT use personal email to send anything to your customers. Use a business domain to show professionalism to build up a better reputation and relationship with your customers. Simply because you are the sole owner of a business, does not mean you want to stick with a personal email and make yourself a freelancer! NOPE, this is just shooting yourself in the foot making it harder for your business to scale and expand.