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It’s no secret that you can get more sales with webinar engagements with your end-customers. You’ve had move to events in the virtual world which might be untamed Wild West at times. You have managed to overcome the hurdle of attracting more attendees in your virtual events, given that 83% more prefer in-person equivalent or believe that in-person model tend to be better lead generators.

Webinar, Guides & Kits 

In this virtual event landscape, chances are you will be able to garner interest and convert engagement to sales with informative resources and free kits. These circumstances might seem intimidating at first. You can attract prospects to attend the webinar with free eBooks and guide videos. After all, why deny them this pleasure in the virtual equivalent. Drum up excitement with your attendees with branded materials and sponsored themed events. Consider adding influencer’s product reviews to add creditability and drive up interest levels. Your influencers can post about limited time offer such as, complimentary kits to increase the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) in your potential customer base.

Arrange Attendee Lunch

Generate QR codes for attendees to receive a custom sponsor code to apps like UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub. With lunch perks at work, it allows attendees to have more time to engage with the speaker and socialize at the event without needing to head out for lunch and never returning. This is also a great way to support local businesses.

Get them re-energized

Don’t let the dead air linger between sessions. Think through every moment when a gap comes in between content. This includes gaps that occur in downtime or segments transition. Simply invite a musician or a DJ to play music. Arrange for yoga and meditation sessions conducted by professionals, so attendees can take a breather. Enjoy these mini-events as sponsorship opportunities.

Share giveaway

Engage your audience with digital bingo and scavenger hunts. These can come with prizes provided by the sponsors. During the event, sponsors can deliver passes for Spotify and other audience-relevant goodies. Sponsor’s brand name could unlock code for online use.

Virtual events offer opportunities for attendee engagement, so you can personalize moments tailored to audience interests. The landscape of virtual events transformed and provided more flexibility for new presentation methods. You can engage your attendees in a whole new level to create lasting brand loyalty.

Expertise and best practices for embracing virtual events

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