Whitepaper is a report that analyzes a particular problem, and presents a solution in an authoritative, in-depth, and persuasive way. However, many marketers are confused with the purpose of whitepapers. They confuse whitepaper with a product pitch.

Two cases for whitepapers

1. Reference guide

2. A technical case study

Whitepapers are made for people who are more advanced in the customer buying cycle or professionals who are working in this particular industry. They are great resource to engage prospects and sales team, and make your company more credible.

How can we properly use this tool?

The most important  rules to go by in whitepapers:

1. Attract the right audience. Not every audience is a sales prospect. Therefore, your whitepaper should be tailored towards different stakeholders.

2. Engage your reader. White papers are designed to educate the audience about a specific issue, explain or promote a particular methodology. Readers who are drawn to your message are willing to devote their time to explore the full details.

3. Inform your reader. White papers are advanced problem-solving guides. Readers DO NOT wish to hear obvious sales pitches. Instead, they wanted to see ways in which business cases solve problems and compare them with the alternate ways. This is an objective presentation of the pros and cons of different approach. An article that keeps your readers from putting it aside.

4. Convince your reader. At this stage, this is the only time when you can promote your organization after you have attracted, engaged, and informed your readers. One way to make this objective conclusion work is using cost-benefit analysis for your company’s offering. In essence, think in the readers’ perspective. Make this a new insight to your audience. Depending on how technical and complex the service/product offering is, you are here to deliver detailed research to make the target audience comfortable. For example, to promote social monitoring to an in-house marketing team, it is best to show an increase in online B2C engagement through specific metrics in social media.

Need technical writing?

Our content development team is committed to sharing expertise, research, and point of view, Ideaggio Agency publishes insights in the form of focused online marketing white papers with original research, prevalent issues, and emerging trends. We take a deep dive into important topics of different industries.


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