Font Awesome Welcomes You

Why is Font Awesome awesome!

Tired of tinkering with Illustrator to design your own vector graphics? Want to get pre-designed icons without worrying about artist copyright laws? Font Awesome is the right source for you.

Font Awesome is an icon font designed for developers and designers alike. Embed the code onto any website and code editor. To access the vector gallery, go to

You can download the free version graphics, or purchase an annual plan for $99 a year with access to 6000+ Pro icons (plus 1555 free icons) and 5 seats for your company to create Pro icons. Here’s Font Awesome’s pricing:

Font Awesome Price Edition Pricing

What are Paid seats?

The Customers can grant Font Awesome Pro software licence to designers, developers, and copywriters in their organizations to create Pro icons.

The Seat Count refers to the number of “seats” the Customer bought through the Web Store. The Customer may appoint up to that many individuals as Creators under this agreement at any given time. The Customer may remove people as Creators under this agreement, to make room for others within the Customer’s Seat Count. To remove Creators, the Customer must first ensure that they stop using Pro Icons and remove copies of Pro Icons and Pro Software from their computers.

The Customer may download Pro Icons and Pro Software from the Web Store, make backups, and share copies with their Creators.

Who should/shouldn’t use seats?

Font Awesome have specified licensing guidelines, so you can designate the right individuals to design and use the icons for their assets. You can grant access to the Pro Software to clients or people within your organization for content creation, but not outsiders such as visitors/users, other third parties who are not direct users of Font Awesome and software bots.

Font Awesome Seats

Font Awesome’s Pageview function as a Site Tracker

Under the Pro Plan, Font Awesome tracks the number of page views your site has accumulated over one month. Each time one of your pages with a Font Awesome Kit is loaded, you can capture some stats on your site’s monthly traffic using Pageview.

Developers Features

In Font Awesome, there’s a development kit with unique code that developers can use on websites to load vector graphics. They can also use the NPM Private repository to build new web applications.

Pro License Subscription Benefits

The standard Pro License allows you to have exclusive access to 6149 icons available in the Pro plan. You also have the privilege to use pro icons with more than just hosted kits on your website. You can embed Pro icons in your own native apps, install and use them on desktop, and download and serve Pro icons yourself.

Styles and brands

Under the Standard Pro License, you get four styles and brands for each Pro icon design including solid, regular, light, dark tone and brand icon styles designed for professional branding.

Life time guarantee

The Pro plan comes with a perpetual Pro license without recurring fees or renewal subscriptions involved. You will have access to the version of purchased Font Awesome Pro forever in all the projects created under your account.  You will be one of the first ones to get it if Font Awesome releases something new! Just like my green notif here.


How to add Font Awesome vector graphic in WordPress CMS?


The property tag is “i” which stands for icon on WordPress. Some templates has a designated area for you to embed a vector icon of your choice from Font Awesome. Simply go to the “Appearance” menu and select “customize” to add Font Awesome code in the site builder code fields.