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Why use Mautic Marketing Automation

You might have heard of Mautic from developers or friends who are a fan of open source software. Mautic brings down your operating expenses and automates away manual tasks like recording contacts and responding to  clients every time they sign up.

Mautic’s unique advantage 

Mautic is the first open marketing software and the only one in the industry. This is something unique that other software doesn’t offer. In fact, many marketing automation vendors are keeping the software proprietary and offering it as a monthly subscription model for the end-users. Open source opens up opportunites in the market by allowing companies to transform their business model into IaaS. At the same time, Mautic Cloud is allowing end-users to white label, and they can add extra features to resell the Mautic software as a SaaS. Mautic emerge as a flexible software, that can be offered as both managed, and self-hosted solution, is something that the open source community would never have anticipated. 

Key Benefits of Mautic

If you are looking to self-host your Mautic instance, you are on the right track to reduce the operating cost. Mautic is a huge break away from paying the SaaS vendors. By setting up Mautic with just a one-time fee, it helps your business to have more budget for other things instead of sinking all the cost into the software every month.

Mautic UI is perfect for customization

Unlike other proprietary software with restrictive access to the code-base, Mautic allows end-users to customize their instances. Everything is unlocked in Mautic with no restrictions to API access. So no more expensive add-on fees for software upgrades. Mautic can also be integrated with third-party plugins. 

The Support Community is more helpful than calling the Proprietary SaaS Support 

Any proprietary software will provide quality support only to paying clients in the premium tiers, while Mautic community provides end-users support. Compare to other software, the Mautic Community more IT support around the world. After all, this is how everyone helps each other in the community. If you are stuck with a complex problem, it’s a convenient fix – simply hire a Mautic sysadmin for support.

More room for creativity & team collaboration

As employees grow in your organization, proprietary software like HubSpot and Marketo may cost more over time. User account fees and integration fees can be expensive.

While HubSpot and other enterprise marketing software charge based on users, Mautic charges nothing for new user accounts you create. This is why you should look into Mautic as the best alternative. 

Have full control over your Mautic instance

Managing your Mautic instance is not that hard. Because learning Mautic is easy. Once you’ve got a team of marketers and IT on-board for Mautic, you are good to go! All you need is end-user education and IT support – to make sure your Mautic server is in good shape.

Pay-as-you-go for your marketing server; not in perpetuity 

Now that you’ve reliable people working with Mautic, this is great news! No more recurring SaaS bills from the big software companies that barely gives you any customer service and support. Your company is no longer locked into a year-long contract. Your business will grow and scale more with all the savings.