Open Source Enterprise Apps Implementation

Custom Design Landing Page

Attract the right audience with clear objectives and all-to-actions. This is a good place to promote special offerings and provide free guides/lead magnets. So you can effectively connect with potential customers and understand their underlying needs.

Custom Coded Email Templates

Impress contacts with well-designed layouts, so your customers will enjoy the browsing experience. They are more likely to become repeat customers. This is something you can drive results by working with a template design expert to optimize your UI/UX email layouts.

Marketing Automation

Implement campaigns with and precision to grow quality traffic. Ensure email sequence and sending pattern are setup to the liking of your clients. Use A/B split testing to determine campaigns that produce optimal results. So your sales team can benefit from more lead flow.

Email Marketing

Connect with your prospects and clients via opt-in forms. Capture their attention with meaningful content. Your audience will be more likely to click and read your emails most of the time. Making it easier to engage and convert new contacts into viable buying customers.

Marketing & Training Videos

Promote your brand with video content for training and marketing purposes. Gives your brand credibility and generates leads through interactive social content. Customized videos can showcase demos to highlight offerings and products of your company to increase awareness.

Open Source CRM

Defiant of traditional enterprise CRM solutions. We provide collaboration & community growth enablement with unlimited users. An automation integrated with internal sales pipelines, eCommerce actions, and eSignature to accelerate sales engagement progress and deal closures.

Ideaggio is an independently-owned enterprise solutions implementation agency. Our work encompasses enterprise software enablement services and marketing automation.

The Ideaggian Approach

We are here to provide managed enterprise software solutions to help streamline processes, increase sales agility and productivity.

We share mutual goals with you too by strengthening the reach and engagement with your contacts and leads. We work with enterprise clients to tailor the integration of applications and determine the feasibility of scaling and implementation on the cloud.

Our marketing team craft out campaigns based on interest in your contacts and frequency of email-sending. Our partners are professional in-house experts who provide custom solutions.

All of us own what we create in each project. We serve as a primary contact for each client. This reflects our values and conviction that we are committed to place our clients first and make each project great with passion and dedication.


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